Things To Do

Now that summer is nearly here, I’m looking ahead to the things I need to accomplish over the next few weeks and back-half of 2014. The agenda may be small, but the tasks are large!

I need to:

  • Finish developing my Five Year Plan (and post about that here soonish)
  • Send CONSUMPTION to the editor in July and work with my cover artist in August
  • Work on the third draft of CONSUMPTION and send it off for formatting for a Fall release
  • Edit the second draft of EMERGENCE by September, when I ship it off my content editor
  • Incorporate all those necessary changes the content editor discovers and get the next draft of EMERGENCE ready for my line editor before the end of 2014
  • Schedule cover design and formatting for EMERGENCE for a 2015 launch
  • Start researching for my next book and be ready to write once (if not before) all the finishing touches are put on the above-listed works
  • Make sure all of this years expenditures are organized and ready for 2015’s tax preparation
  • Get organized for 2015 and 2016’s output!
Things To Do

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